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Correction to p.150 of Voters' Victory?

The pattern of movement of party and voter positions on new politics issues is different from that of old politics. Instead of parties moving toward the ends of the political spectrum with parties on the left moving further left and parties on the right moving further right, all parties have shifted to the left. Of  all of the parties in 1996, the Christian Coalition is furthest to the right largely due to their position on moral issues. The Christian Heritage Party, one of the two parties to comprise the Christian Coalition, seeks to advance Biblical principles on the national agenda (Rainbow and Sheppard 1996, 179). However, the position of the Christian Coalition candidates and voters is moderate on all other issues. The average candidate sees him or herself in the centre on the left-right continuum while the voters are slightly to the right. Boston et. al. (1996) has placed the Christian Coalition to the right of most other parties. However, this ranking should apply only to moral issues because both candidates and voters see themselves as more moderate than ACT, National and United on all other issues.  The clustering of both parties and voters suggests that a consensus has been reached on issues relating to new politics.

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