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The following data are available to download free of charge. The NZES does not claim ownership of the data. It is available for independent analysis by anyone who wishes to download it from our website. We do have a practice of restricting release of the dataset to collaborators and funders for a year after the data is available. In principle we would prefer earlier general release but given funding uncertainties we wish to retain the incentive for potential funders to contribute to secure the benefits of early access. Earlier access to the data by non-collaborators and non-funders may be negotiated on a fee-paying basis.

All files are compressed and saved in SPSS format unless otherwise noted. Please consult the study descriptions for information on variables and measurement. Unless otherwise noted all data files are post-election surveys.

Please consult the following for information on weights used in all of the studies.

We would like to hear from anyone who downloades these data. We would also like to hear from anyone who publishes with these data so we can add a reference to the NZES bibliography. We appreciate your interest in the NZES.

Historical Data (1905-1993)

These excel files contain electorate by electorate data for all New Zealand elections between 1905 and 1993. They have been compiled over some years, and should now be free of errors. They include the totals, and both rounds, of the two Second Ballot elections in 1908 and 1911.

Users should note, however, that party labels for early elections were often fluid, and it has proven difficult to make party totals completely consistent with the official data reported in the successive E9 and earlier official results, and with the figures reported in Mackie and Rose's International Almanac of Electoral History. J. O. Wilson's New Zealand Parliamentary Record was used as a further source of data.

Thanks are due to the research assistants who worked on this: Philippa Miskelly, Jean Kite, and Sam Martin.

The various worksheets contain more detailed information on the data.

Electorate by electorate data for MMP elections from 1996 onward are available from the New Zealand Electoral Commission's website. The links to the pages are below.

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